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About Capital Markets and Wealth Management

We are dedicated to empowering individuals make financial investments in an informed manner by leveraging our digital platforms as well as our in-depth cross-sectoral research and insights platform. Our purpose is to help our clients spot opportunities and trends in capital markets.

We have a limit on the minimum and maximum investments you can invest with us in capital markets.Given the depth of our client base and the support of our industry networks, we can provide liquidity, industry leading insights and analytics and value add across the spectrum of equity markets.

We are a fast paced organization working with our business partners on a daily basis - a young and dynamic place catering to clients with similar attributes.

1. This includes prospect evaluation, collateral preparation, counterparty interactions, due diligence and execution of transactions.
2. Preparing all internal and external communications/collaterals for Co-Founders, Senior Management (for board meetings, client meetings, internal strategy papers etc)
3. Centrally driving the business review processes via continuous interaction with business heads
4. Perspective and fundamental research on economic issues, emerging themes and strategic analysis issues, emerging themes and strategic analysis.

As front-runners in working with clients through innovative structuring, our strengths include deep industry insights and experience, expertise in transaction structuring, a grasp of the regulatory environment and keen understanding of market dynamics. 

We work on the market transactions and market operations to help you with your needs. The activities we help with:

Funds and QIB launch – review Offer Documents, fund collaterals, Applications with SEBI.

Fund set up – set up the fund mid office and back office operations – empanel custodians, fund accountants, bankers etc.

Fund raising – empanel distributors, fund raising – meeting prospective investors

Fund Management - computation of daily reports, monthly compliance reports to be filed with regulators, investor servicing, unit statements, etc.

Capital markets investments and services=Deep experience of more than 400 years in capital markets. We are not like others who take all your capital and invest it.

We have a limit on the minimum and maximum investments you can invest with us in capital markets.The minimum investment is Rs. 1,000,000 and the maximum is 10,000,000.Manage IPOs, act as M&A advisor and QIB.It may become harder for firms to cash out of their investments by taking them public; given the current high volume of buyouts, the number of large IPOs could strain the stock markets’ ability to absorb new issues in a few years.
1. Work with multiple private equity firms.Don't negotiate only with one private equity firm. We prepare alternatives, whether they be private equity or other buyers and investors. 
2. We act as a M&A advisor.
3. Clean the mess.
4. Be realistic with the business Plan.
5. Prepare for a cut after the due diligence.
6. Conduct our own due diligence of the private equity.

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