Our Growth

From a tiny garage to a multi-million dollar company, we innovated our way to the top.

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The story behind our success

We’re traders. We’re also blockchain engineers. But mainly, we’re traders. We are not theoretical research guys. Research sound nice on a white paper, but ultimately doesn’t lead to gains in investments. We owe a lot to the pioneering teams that have come before us in investments and crypto space.Simply put, we are the end user of our platform; our trader DNA means we understand institutional and retail customers better than anyone else.

We derive inspiration from our guiding principle, “We operate as a Partnership” to put into practice ‘What is right for the client is what is right for us’ approach.


Average returns in the last 5 years



We create value for our customers maintaining the highest ethical standards and partnering in their investments.



Creating tailor made solutions for protecting your INVESTMENTS alongside ours and growing it.

First company in India to offer expertise in both – crypto, crypto derivatives and capital markets

We are working with you on a daily basis. We take/own a stake in our partner companies and have equal skin in the game.That is why we are successful and stand out. We have failed and learnt from our failures. We are a truly autonomous organization where one regardless of the level, can shine by taking more ownership. The culture of accepting nothing but excellence is what sets us apart. This culture stems from the highest levels in the organizations and is ingrained across the firm. This along with complete ownership of ones work at all levels differentiates us.

WE ARE DIFFERENT: We are not here to advice and walk away. Not a management consulting or a taxation or audit advisory firm or regulatory advisory firm – We are working with you on a daily basis. We take/own a stake in our partners and have equal skin in the game. That is why we are successful.We are not advisors to corporates. We work with the firm to devise their strategy, roadmap, taxation, accounts, business needs and day-today management, resourcing, working capital, and help them with fund-raising and stock market transactions. We have a limit on the minimum and maximum investments you can invest with us in capital markets unlike other who are willing to take up all the money you can invest.

Why choose us to manage your investments ?

Consistent Growth

Average ROI over last 5 years has exceeded 48%.

Multiple Options

Wide portfolio of loans, private equity, capital markets, crypto and hedge funds.

Personalized Portfolio

We invest alongside our clients. We are so confident of our strategies that we take the same risk as you do.

Award Winning

We have a partnership model where your success is our success.

Lower fees

We share the risks and the reward.


Our broking arm has been in existence since 1950.


Your portfolio is secured and any deals you do are secured on our own cloud infrastructure.

Multi-currency support

Whether you want to invest in dollars, dirhams, yuan, rupees or euro, we provide the right market guidance.

Globally Located

We are spread in 4 continents and that provides you the added benefit of investing in multiple countries.


They have practical strategies to protect assets and grow your money helping you attain financial freedom.!

Elvin Gonsalves
Professional Investor and Entrepreneur
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Our People

The people who make things happen in our company and who believe and build the future.

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Jean Jones

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